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Here’s what some of our Lynnwood, WA customers are saying about us:

*MASTER MECHANICS* Dave & Sons Automatic Transmission WIZARDS rebuilt my transmission (including flywheel) and made my 2003 car feel like brand new again in a week. They got to it within a day or so, and returned it to me in new car-like driving condition!. Thank You Dave and Sons!! If I find out that you do anything else I'll come to you for all my car repairs (Thinking SMOG). VERY Very Happy Customer. -->Easily<-- Five Stars. Thank You Dave & Son's Trans Service Auto!!

Jim Bunte Trans Service, Inc. Customer Review

Fantastic service, outstanding value

john meade Google Review

5 Stars!

tony wangen Google Review

Very good people and pros. Second time around 9 years later with same diesel. Pricing can't compare to what a dealer would charge.

John Noble Google Review

More helpfully. Best price.

Dennis Gongia Google Review

Honest, cheap for trans work. Really great people.

gil comeau Google Review

Great customer service! I will definitely be a returning customer!

Joshua Tilson Google Review

I had an emergency situation! Burned my clutch out getting stuck in the snow with my daily driver. Dave took me in without an appointment. They are so busy with so many vehicles in line to be repaired (because their reputation is legendary!) and still he fit me in. I was worried my transmission was shot too...but he reassured me that it was probably only my clutch based on the information I gave him about what happened. It was only my clutch...they had it fixed in under the time I was told AND I paid under the price they quoted me for it! Double win! Just like several people recommended Dave's to me....I hope this recommendation helps 100 times that! Customer service that excels...personality plus from Dave senior and well as their mechanics when they call to give you information or they answer the phone.

Sara Peluso Google Review

5 Stars!

Charles Hills Google Review

Awesome place real knolegeable and reasonable

joel espana Google Review

5 Stars!

Christopher V Google Review

Great service, Exelant work highly recommended.

Scott Abendroth Google Review

A great shop, with the people who make a real difference

Bartholomew Evans Google Review

I called 5 or 6 different transmission services and they wanted anywhere from $800 to $1400 for a clutch replacement and that didn't include towing. Called Dave and he quoted me less than $700 for a clutch replacement and towing, even included a year warranty. Can't recommend him highly enough for a job well done. Keep up the good work, Thanks for everything you did!

Timothy B Mitcham Google Review

5 Stars!

Ous Turay Google Review

Dave offers expertise and honest dealing. I have had two transmissions rebuilt by Dave over the years and have had nothing but positive experiences. His shop is extremely busy, but Dave always takes time to answer all your questions and stands by his work. Highly recommended.

Paul Ferguson Google Review

Great group of people dave is a vary nice guy had to 5 star just because of the customer service

Austin Dayton Google Review

I've been going to this place for many years and Dave and crew are the most knowledgeable and honest mechanics in the area. I cannot recommend this shop enough.

David S. Yelp Review

I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing their transmission repaired. My experience from beginning to end was absolutely great! Honest, kind, welcoming. My car is a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with 104,000 miles so needless to say I told Dave (the owner) that if the transmission needed to be rebuilt that I wasn't interested because the car wasn't even worth the price of a rebuilt transmission. Came in to pick up my car and not only did he rebuild my transmission but he didn't charge me the full price and my car runs like it's brand new. Super nice man - and his employees are great as well.

Christy K. Yelp Review

Dave and Dave jr. fixed my Nissan Xterra 2006, radiator mixed in transmission problem! It's been 3 years now since that happened and it's still running. It's old car though so not much power in acceleration anymore but it works. He didn't replace the whole transmission just cleaned out and repaired transmission that takes skill. Thank you!

Don't go to Village Transmission they couldn't even fix my transmission they just repaired my radiator thinking that, that's all it was.

Sparrow P. Yelp Review

These guys are awesome:-) I got a great deal on a vehicle because something was going on either with the transfer case or computer. 2 other shops thought the computer needed replaced and seemed to be guessing. They said they would replace the computer and see if that fixed the issue.

I found Dave's on Yelp and had the owner bring the vehicle to them to get their opinion. They diagnosed the issue (for free) as the transfer case needing to be replaced and quoted half of what the other shops did.

I opted for a used transfer case and that fixed the problem! I just wish they offered more services so that I could take my car to them for other fixes. Dave Sr., Jr. and Jr's wife all give great customer service and I couldn't have been happier.

Giannine C. Yelp Review

Dave's Trans Service does great work! Both Dave Sr. & Jr. are easy to communicate with. They were referred to me by my trusted long-term mechanic. They rebuilt our 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager AWD minivan 2 years ago. I waited until now to post a review since I wanted to see how the work held up. It did! The minivan's transmission is still working great! Now I keep Dave's contact information on me as I know where I want my vehicles towed if the transmission goes out. It also gives me much more confidence purchasing a used vehicle. Thanks for the terrific work Dave Sr., Jr. and everyone at the shop!

Tessa H. Yelp Review

Brought my car back to life by repairing the transmission (instead of replacing it - which had been suggested by other shops). Reasonable prices and excellent customer service!

Mary Lou A. Yelp Review

just adding on the collection of fantastic reviews here...but this shop is awesome...I brought my K5 in with literally no idea what was going on. Dave talked me through about what he thought it was/might be - It ended up being the best possible scenario and I got out of the shop rolling right for under $200...He easily coulda been dishonest like other shops i've been to, and gotten a grand out of me (a yolk is part of the egg, right? Wait, part of the driveline? Who knew)...but I got honest, upfront service. Can't recommend these guys enough - thanks!

Paul B. Yelp Review

Fantastic Buisness wish everyone was honest and gave great value like this father and son buisness . I will not take my transmission to any one but these guys . Takes s bit longer than a dealership but the knowledge and what you get for your money is outstanding. Replaced my sinkrow sin my C6 corvette 6 speed transmission Diagnose and repair . Car shifts and down shift like its suppose to now highly knowledgable on transmissions

All of em. Take your Tranny here you won't be disappointed I'm a life time customer now. Great customer service even greater value. They can fix it !

Rick T. Yelp Review

These are my new go-to guys for anything trans related on my car and truck projects. I was instantly impressed with the variety of vehicles they work on here - whether it's last year's minivan, a classic American pickup, or a 60s Rolls Royce, they'll do excellent work on whatever you bring them. The father/son team that run the place are old school mechanics that really know what they're doing inside out. I was really surprised (and pleased) that they invited me out of their waiting area and into their shop. No mechanics allow that anymore citing insurance rules (BS), bla bla bla. These guys not only allowed me back, sensing a fellow gearhead Dave Sr. invited me back to talk cars while he worked. Great guys, great work, very reasonable pricing. I'll be back a lot.

Spencer H. Yelp Review

Dave Sr & Dave Jr know what old school customer service is all about. These guys work tirelessly to make every customer happy and will make sure you're getting a fair deal. I had my truck serviced by them a couple years ago. I recently had an issue that I tried to resolve through a shop closer to home. That shop...which shall remain nameless....was ready to have me spend $2500 on a new transmission. I called Dave and he stood behind his work from a few years ago. He towed it for free. Fixed the issue for free and even caught a couple other minor issues...not free...but very reasonable, and sent me on my way. These two are super trustworthy and should be your first phone call when needing any transmission service. Be warned!, they are so darn popular that they may not be able to get to your repair asap. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Albert A. Yelp Review

I took my 1971 Chevrolet pickup to their shop because I thought the transmission might be starting to slip. They checked and said the transmission was fine but there was a cylinder that was misfiring. They did not charge me for any unnecessary repairs and didn't even charge me for the diagnostic work. They were professional, courteous and honest. I would highly recommend their shop.

Ken Falcone Trans Service, Inc. Customer Review

5 Stars!

Emil Williams Google Review

The Best

Javier Del Google Review

this is the best place you can go! Dave Sr, Dave Jr, and David are truly just great guys that want to help you get back on the road! Make this your first stop to fix your transmission, they are well worth it with a reasonable price :)

Ashley Joy Google Review

I took my Suburban in with a broken transmission. The company fix the repair and the truck worked well. The transmission blew again little over one year later due to the fact that was pulling I have a trailer that exceeded the capacity of the truck. Even though the warranty has expired Trans Service went ahead and made the repair for free.

DAVE SWEENEY Google Review

My transmission broke, didn't know what was wrong with it. Decided we would remove the transmission and take it to daves. He got into it and called to tell me what the problem was and gave me multiple options on what to do. So I had him replace the broken parts. A few days later I went in paid him, picked up my tranny went home installed it and bam my tranny is working great! So pleased and excited. I would definitely recommend daves transmission service to everybody! He's awesome, nice, honest, ect. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Shannon Lewis Google Review

t is true that they are a little overwhelmed with business at this shop but there is a reason for that. They know their stuff. If you want your transmission fixed fast and expensively, go to the major shops like Honda or Toyota. They will just bolt a new one in and charge you twice the price. If you can wait and have patience, Dave will fix it right, charge you a fair price and stand behind the work. That is rare these days...

Sid Roberts Google Review

Dave Jr. and Dave Sr. were amazing. I originally went to King's Transmission for a routine transmission service. It was very hot day in Seattle and for some reason the car was dribbling transmission fluid, which I didn't know until they told me. The fluid wasn't low, the car ran fine. King's didn't put it on the rack, nor did they drive it. They just said I had a leak and could run out of transmission fluid at any time and was too dangerous to drive. They wanted to pull the transmission to check it. I found out from yelp this had happened before and to pull was going to be at least $650 to $1500. They verified this when I and when I asked them to top the fluid so I could get home, surprise, surprise, the fluid wasn't low. I went to 2 more shops who actually rove the car and they both said it ran fine. But they presumed a leak also.

Dave presumed nothing. They placed dye in the tranny to determine if there was a leak. Even after 500 miles, there has been no leak. Their thought is that there must have been a burp. Anyway they are the most honest and helpful mechanics I've come across and definitely are the only transmission shop I will ever use now.

Marian Sussman Google Review

Dave's Trans Service gave my truck a full and great tranny service, at at very affordable cost.

He and his team are fantastic.

Jeff Wentworth Google Review

On time and on budget for the work quoted (new clutch). I called around and Trans Service had the most reasonable quote. The owner was very friendly.

Kathleen B Google Review

Outstanding service. They have done work on two of my vehicles over time. Very high quality work and the costs are very fair.

Michael Bowman Google Review

Trans Service did an excellent job rebuilding my transmission fast and for a reasonable price. They are very knowledgable about trannys and have wonderful staff to deal with. I highly recommend Trans Service!!!

Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. Google Review

Great service, honest people that know how to service your car right the first time and the only place I will have my clutch or transmission repair done.

Ron Lackey Google Review

4 Stars!

A Google User Google Review

I called in regards to a 1987 Suburban with a 700R4 transmission and a NP208 transfer case. The truck would not move and I could move through all of the gears. Started to worry and made a phone call. Was helped by Dave Jr. who said to try to engage 4 wheel drive. Also read posts online saying to try 4Low. Putting the transfer case into 4Low before starting the engine got me rolling again. Many thanks to Dave for giving me an idea to try before taking this thing to someone only to possibly get gouged for a transmission rebuild. Thank you for all the help.

A Google User Google Review

I shopped around for weeks trying to find a good price for my transmission to be rebuild, after a very long and aggravating search I found Trans Service. They were so easy to deal with and affordable!! I would recommend them for sure!!

A Google User Google Review

Dave Jr. and Dave Sr. were amazing. I originally went to King's Transmission for a routine transmission service. It was very hot day in Seattle and for some reason the car was dribbling transmission fluid, which I didn't know until they told me. The fluid wasn't low, the car ran fine. King's didn't put it on the rack, nor did they drive it. They just said I had a leak and could run out of transmission fluid at any time and was too dangerous to drive. They wanted to pull the transmission to check it. I found out from yelp this had happened before and to pull was going to be at least $650 to $1500. They verified this when I and when I asked them to top the fluid so I could get home, surprise, surprise, the fluid wasn't low. I went to 2 more shops who actually rove the car and they both said it ran fine. But they presumed a leak also.

Dave presumed nothing. They placed dye in the tranny to determine if there was a leak. Even after 500 miles, there has been no leak. Their thought is that there must have been a burp. Anyway they are the most honest and helpful mechanics I've come across.

Marian S. Yelp Review

This is a great place to get the transmission done. Very, very knowledgeable owner that gave me more than one option. (Hell, he even gave me tips to make it not happen again!) Had a rebuilt transmission put in, and then drove on it across the country with a 3 horse gooseneck trailer. Twice. Its still perfect. Save yourself from the hassle, start here.

Barbara L. Yelp Review

One of the tool ol' guys - so grateful we still have such honest and dependable people like Dave and his employees. I live in Seattle but was really glad to drive up there after hearing how good he was from another car repair guy (a great Volvo guy who only works on older models, not mine). I generally trust word of mouth, and remember seeing this place many ears ago, driving past - and wondering if it was really good since they specialized just in transmissions, which I thought was pretty cool. So, I ended up going up there, and having them look at my new car, since the tranny seemed 'slippy.' They were happy to make an appointment and they test drove it, only to tell me that this was how my type of transmission behaved (not as tight as my old Mercedes) and I should have nothing to worry about, at least for a while. They were happy to go over my car a little with me, and really took the time to explain things, such as no need to flush the transmission, and such. I left feeling confident that this place would never try to sell me anything I didn't truly need. They are one of the good old places that goes by the motto of saving you money and gaining a customer - THIS is the way to do business, even if it is hard to find people this honest any more.

Go here.

Frances S. Yelp Review

Honest, trustworthy, and timely.

Dave Sr. is an absolute DOLL - I wish I could keep him in my pocket.

Terah B. Yelp Review

After getting a quote for transmission work from a popular full service auto repair shop on the Bothell Everett Highway, I looked around for other options. Discovered Dave's Trans Shop in Lynnwood. They performed a full rebuild at half the price of the other place, and they clearly know transmissions. Plus they have a wonderful assortment of classic cars and trucks around the shop. Highly reccommend Trans Shop.

Roger A. Yelp Review

Very honest and trustworthy mechanic. Had a few vechiles serviced here before we moved out of state and were very sad to lose this shop. Very reasonably priced and service is performed quickly.

Randi W. Yelp Review

Dave's Trans Service is a unique and kind of interesting place. You have to look for a place to park, won't get a cheery receptionist and will wonder for a moment if you should leave and go to the dealer. But not to worry, these guys know transmissions.

Dave Sr. walks around in what almost seems like a lab coat except stained with transmission fluid. But the guy KNOWS transmissions and is a master at his trade. They have done three jobs for me and one for a friend in the last year and the jobs were done flawlessly. My daughters Honda had a transmission gone and when we picked it up, it was like new. No oil drips, no noise just fixed. My son was told at the local Toyota dealer that he needed the whole rear differential replaced at the cost of about $2500 plus tax. Drove it straight to to Dave's Trans Service and we got it out for $460. It was only wheel bearings and I think Dave knew that before he even looked at it.

In summary, if you want a hip waiting room with WiFi and a latte go somewhere else. However, if your transmission needs repair, this is the old fashioned mechanic that knows his beans. Work with the issue of getting it in and leaving it for a week. But expect it will be fixed right and at a fair price when you leave. Can't promise perfection but for me, it has been 4 times happy.

S R. Yelp Review

When my transmission suddenly went into failure I called my local auto shop and they referred me to Dave's Trans Service. I called them up on a Monday morning and was able to take my car in shortly thereafter. The repair work was done and I was able to get my car back within four days. While quicker would have been better for me I understand that this is a small shop and a family business. In fact it being a small shop and a family business is one of the reasons I was happy to work with them. Both father and son were polite and friendly whenever I spoke to them. In closing I would absolutely recommend Dave's Trans Service, but be aware you'll probably have to do most if not all of the dialing.

A. G. P. Yelp Review

Bottom line: this is an honest and fair shop. They fixed a problem with my low miles 2004 Ford Ranger for a reasonable price. This is not a super-slick, super-clean operation. That is, there's a LOT of cars on the property, it's kinda messy and dirty, and he could use some office help. But, I would still go back because he ultimately does very good work. No fast talking. No BS. Just honest repair. Very good experience for me.

Jay O. Yelp Review

My Geo Tracker finally decided that it was time to die. Big clunk, car stopped, unmovable. I knew it was the transmission already, as I had been driving on borrowed time. I called around and ended up having it towed to Dave's. I was up front with Dave Jr. and said that I didn't know if my car was worth putting a bunch of money into it, as I had already put a bunch into it the previous year and the car was a 1995 Geo.

Once they opened it up Jr. said that there was quite a lot to do and they hadn't even looked all the way yet, and agreed that it wasn't worth the money to fix it. Instead, one of his mechanics likes to purchase and fix cars that come in sometimes, and it just so happened that he was interested! They offered me the same price as the pick n pull place in Lynnwood, without losing any additional costs for the other place towing it away or changing their mind on the price once they arrived. It was super convenient and saved me a bunch of cash.

I sincerely appreciated their honesty!!

The only hassle is that they are so incredibly popular, and very, very busy, because they are so good and so honest - so it took a while before they could get to my vehicle.

Purrs to Dave's!

Kathy L. Yelp Review

I have not tried every transmission shop out there, and given the excellent service and results I've had from Dave's I won't be. I would NOT consider going to anyone else. The service, care, and backing for their work has been phenomenal. Dave and Dave Jr. are serious about getting your car fixed, and their price has always been fair, whether it's been our Ford Ranger, our GM Blazer or our several older Mercedes. Having transmission issues never makes it a good day. Having the Daves available to fix your transmission eases the pain significantly.

Waldemar K. Yelp Review

This mechanic Dave is the best I have ever come across. He has been around for years and he and his staff are excellent. They are very honest and stick to their word and time line. He always answers the phone and gives you as much time as you want. His prices are good and he does excellent work. He gives free diagnostics unlike all of his competitors and gives you an honest evaluation.

He rebuild the transmission in my 2002 Ford explorer and fixed a bearing in the back wheel and the car runs like a dream.

Thanks Dave you are the best

Mario M. Yelp Review

Got my new clutch put in on time and at the amount they originally quoted. The owner was very friendly.

Dave B. Yelp Review

Old fashioned type service. Dave Sr. is an old fashioned mechanic, who will work with you to get the repair done in an economical way, if necessary.

Used this shop twice, highly recommend and satisfied. Takes their time, but you get a good job.

Cal L. Yelp Review

These guys are the best! They had our RAV4 for months trying to repair what Toyota screwed up, and when they finally gave it back to us, they charged us fairly, discounting all the overtime they had to put in to get it running again. They have always been honest, up front and friendly, even when it was obvious our car was driving them crazy. Don't even waste your time taking the car anywhere else.

David C. Yelp Review

Amazing people who run an honest business. They have saved my life more than once.

Katie B. Yelp Review

I LOVE Dave's. Both daddy Dave and Dave Jr were great to work with. Had a problem with our pretty new Jeep and he totally didnt rip us off. Way better experience then taking it to the dealership. He took his time and really fixed a problem no one else could seem to and it was cheap.

AJ R. Yelp Review

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